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Live Narcotics Anonymous video meetings!

One Promise Group of Narcotics Anonymous

(closed meetings - for addicts only)

In accordance with the 6th Tradition,
we are not affiliated with, and do not endorse,
the software, platform, community, technology
or other services needed to provide our meetings in real-time.

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Live NA Video Meeting on Sunday

7th Tradition

"Every NA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

If you are an addict who would like to see these online NA meetings continue, please consider making a donation.

Live NA Video Meeting on Thursday

Narcotics Anonymous Readings

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Who Is An Addict
What Is The NA Program
Why Are We Here
How It Works
12 Traditions of NA
We Do Recover
Just For Today

Narcotics Anonymous Literature

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About Us

      The One Promise Group of Narcotics Anonymous began in early 2016 as an idea shared by several addicts who have been attending online NA meetings for many years.  We wanted to provide an atmosphere in which addicts could feel more certain that those attending our meetings would be able to identify with them.  Closed meetings help provide that atmosphere.
     We also felt that there was a need to more closely adhere to the Twelve Traditions, particularly the Fifth and Six Traditions, in order to carry a clear message of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous.
     Our group has been actively carrying the Narcotics Anonmyous message on the internet since March 12, 2017.